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Inside Apple's Short-Term Digs; Kardashian Vigil in Soho

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And now, the latest from Racked NY, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: The Soho Apple store has some temporary digs at 72 Greene Street while the Prince Street location gets redone. What's the interim spot like? Take a look.

2) Midtown West: The Macy's flagship in Herald Square is due up for a renovation, too?a $400 million one. Racked has some deets on what it will include. The one that jumps out at us: the pub that will stay open past store hours.

3) Soho: The news of Kim Kardashian's divorce rocked the world of Kardashian fans, so much so that some of them held a vigil outside the Kardashians' Dash store.

4) NYC: To celebrate November, why not take in a sale or two or thirty-three?

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