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Crown Heights To Have One Less Gene Kaufman Building?

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Plans for an eight-story, 63-unit building on the 14,000-square-foot empty lot at 341 Eastern Parkway have been floating around for a while?long enough for the design to have gone through several iterations, shown above. But the owner never ended up building, and now the site is on the market, Crain's reports. Bids?there's no asking price?are due November 22, and to help bidders out, brokers tell Crain's apartments in the unbuilt building could eventually fetch $600+/square foot, or $42 to $45/square foot for rentals. It looks like the original design was done by the one and only Gene Kaufman, so perhaps the neighborhood will be spared one Kaufman creation.
· Brooklyn development site up for sale [Crain's]

341 Eastern Parkway

341 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225