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Just What Gowanus Needs, Green Luxury Condo Living at Jade8

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Brownstoner has been following the progression of the residential building at 186 8th Street in Gowanus since the stalled project got moving again this past April; now the entire whiplash-inducing facade has been revealed (warning: it's ugly) and six of its eight units are listed. The boutique development is called Jade8, and it's billed as "top-quality green construction" featuring the "finest in energy-efficient technology for today's eco-conscious consumer." (Though this is probably true to some degree, what we really wish for Gowanus is that every new eco-building is hooked up to a larger system of clean water filtration. Something that acts like... a giant sponge.)

We digress! Prices are all over the place, from a one-bedroom duplex at $825,000 ($642/sq ft) to a smaller two-bedroom unit for $735,000 ($805/sq ft). The penthouse fits in three bedrooms, though curiously, its kitchen, living, and roof deck are clustered on the uppermost floor of the building.
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