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Far UWS Megamansion Now Officially More than 50% Off

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The massive William Tuthill-designed marble mansion at 351 Riverside Drive, known as the Schinasi House, has just taken yet another price chop. This one's petite—$50K—compared to the $5M and $10M hacks this place is used to, but the new $14.95M price tag means the mansion is approaching Hall of Fame territory. After all, it was first heaved onto the market for $31M way back in May 2006. The Columbia professor owner is apparently tiring of paying for the upkeep on an aging 18-room stone structure that just won't sell and has jumped ship from Brown Harris Stevens to Corcoran. Is the new lower price and representation enough lure a buyer up to 107th Street?
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351 Riverside Drive

351 Riverside Drive, New York, NY