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"Hitter-Friendly" Citi Field Edits Hoping for Improved Batting Average

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[Via The New York Mets.]

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is the driving force behind some recent changes to expansive Citi Field; namely, tearing down the left field barricade known as the "Great Wall of Flushing," a home team stumbling block both psychological and physical. The Wall Street Journal reports:

"The Mets announced Monday that they will build a new, eight-foot fence in front of the 16-foot wall in left field and will also reduce the dimensions in right and right-center field. The new wall will be up to 12 feet closer to home plate and will be colored blue, as it was at Shea Stadium, instead of black. It will have a uniform height of eight feet, in contrast to the meandering old wall."
The obvious goal here being more homers! Since 2009 when it opened, Citi Field has seen "fewer home runs than any other in baseball," a meager 1.43 per game.
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