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Big Reveal: How Much to Entertain From a 2BR Kips Bay Rental?

And now, the results of this week's RentSpotter guessing game.

Location: 240 East 27th Street
Asking: $5,365/month

There a few very, very close guesses on this one ($5,350 and $5,400)?perhaps it helped that one commenter violated the sacred RentSpotter code of ethics by revealing the building's address. Said commenter was a former building resident, and no one appeared eager to be a future one. Said one, "i also hope they drew the floorplan wrong, cause I don't see a way to get into the bathroom near the entrance without climbing over the sink." Said another, "Those appliances, counters, fixtures and floors at that price are exactly why I bought despite a shaky economy. Parquet hardwood chips. Never again."
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