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Even Starchitecture Is Available for Rent Via Craigslist

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Starchitecture: it really is just like regular architecture. At least in the sense that sometimes both types of properties pop up for rent on Craigslist. We found listings aplenty for FiDi newbie New York by Gehry, even if some of them did place the building in Chinatown/Little Italy. Most common Craigslist descriptors for the building? "Pulse pounding" and "reality defying."
We found one other major architect's name in the Craigslistbabble for a rental: Robert A.M. Stern. A 1BR in his Tribeca Park building at 400 Chambers Street is for rent at $3,495/month. And his design is a major selling point:

And then there are the apartments that try to ride on starchitecture's coattails, like this one near Grand Army Plaza:

Just imagine how unique the layout would be if Richard Meier had actually designed it!
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New York By Gehry

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038 Visit Website