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Does This Bond Street Rental Come with the Fake Pop Art?

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Usually, when we spot a piece of fake art in a listing it's usually the typical Warhol or Van Gogh poster. Not so in this Bond Street one bedroom, where a massive replica of James Rosenquist's 1981 painting House of Fire is affixed to the living room wall. The owner gets points for an ever so slightly more obscure choice in faux art, but not for a gentle pricing scheme. The "fully furnished" 850-square-foot spread is asking $6,000 per month, a little much for the typical loft, but par for the course on Bond Street. And no, the painting couldn't be the original, as that hangs in the collection of the Met. As an aside, the painting has a tragic, ironic relation to Rosenquists life: in 2009, he lost much of his personal collection to a fire that devastated his Florida home.
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