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West Village Nursing Home to Condo Revealed as The Abingdon

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Condo conversions are "sneaking" onto the West Village scene, according to the New York Post, which profiles the St. Vincents conversion (not so sneaky, that), 150 Charles Street (un-stealthy, considering the neighbors have been protesting for years), 145 Perry Street (also percolating for quite awhile) 84 Bedford of the amazing collapsible studio apartment, the Printing House at 421 Hudson (this one's relatively under-the-radar), and finally, finally! New news about the future of the old nursing home at 607 Hudson Street.

Meet your new neighbor, The Abingdon, so named for the park across the street and marketed as "ultra-luxury" for the 1% of the 1%. The ten units will launch sales this spring, and they are humongous across the board, from 3,200 square feet to nearly 10,000. That's pretty close to what the Journal reported in February, with FLAnk as the architecture firm and developer of choice, though still no word on that rooftop swimming pool made out of melted-down bedpans.
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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014