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Waldorf-Astoria's $135K-Per-Month Crown Jewel is For Rent

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A fitting addition to Renter's Week, this is, according to Streeteasy, the most expensive rental available in New York City today. Set in the Waldorf-Astoria tower, the three-bed, 3.5-bath is outfitted in typical Waldorf style, with the usual trompe l'oeil and crystal chandelier business, but apparently the entry rotunda is unique to this apartment. Hmm, do we think the round room is worth a $40K per month premium over a similar three-bedroom in the building? Nope. Still, the flexible lease term, hotel services, and international name recognition might help land a co-op shy, commitment-averse foreigner with $1.62M to drop on rent every year. That's right, the apartment is asking $135K per month.
· 100 East 50th Street [Streeteasy]
· 100 East 50th Street [Streeteasy]