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High Line Mini-Inn With Car in the Sky Back from the Dead?

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Among our favorite pipe dream plans for revitalized-by-the-High-Line MePa was Novac Noury's goal of creating a "Stairway to the High Line" at 51 Little West 12th Street. Noury wanted to partner with the Standard Hotel for a 10-story mini-inn, and when it didn't come to be, he accused the Standard of putting cracks in his now-demolished building. Sound like the kind of disagreement it might be hard to bounce back from, but it turns out Noury is irrepressible. Buried at the bottom of Scoopy's Notebook is this little tidbit: Noury's plan might be back. He says he's recently met with Thor Equities, Gottlieb Real Estate, and even Andre Balazs. So what does Noury have in mind? Actually, a better question might be?what doesn't he? Scoopy's has some deets:

Anyway, asked if his hoped-for mini-inn will still have a pyramid on top, sporting state-of-the-art, solar-energy-collecting venetian blinds, Noury responded, “Absolutely!” He additionally sees there being a hydraulic lift that would dramatically raise cars to the High Line level, “spinning around slowly, with a beautiful girl displaying it.” Or, the car in the sky (next to the park in the sky) could be used for events: “The celebrated person, or the bride and groom, stands up there and waves.”
The fancy wheels could be either his 1960 Bentley, his Excalibur white limo or some new high-tech vehicle. Clearly, Noury still has ambitious design plans, but he added, “I don’t want to say too much — you know the Buildings Department.” What we really wanted to know is if people would be able to drive their car from Noury’s rooftop directly into Balazs’s hotel, which could almost be like a Coney Island roller coaster, except with cars. No wonder Thor Equities is interested.
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