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New Pace Dorms Getting Ready for School Near Fulton Street

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A tipster informed us that a rendering recently appeared on the construction fence on the corner of Broadway and John Street. According to signs on that fence, the project (brought to you by SLGreen Realty and Tishman Construction) is called 180 Broadway and it is going to be a 23-story Pace University Dormitory with 3 stories of retail. According to the most recent permits, however, the building is only designated to have 12 stories. Oh well, what's a story or fourteen?

UPDATE: Turns out the 12-story permit was for the demolition of the building that previously stood at 180 Broadway?the new building will have 23 stories. Curbed regrets the error.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2013.
-Jeremiah Budin

180 Broadway

180 Broadway, New York, NY