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Architecture Firm Hijacks Tribeca Streetside Gumball Machine

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Tribeca Citizen noticed a curious high/low architecture marketing campaign this weekend while on a stroll around the neighborhood: a gumball machine from local firm KUSHNERstudios that dispenses a piece of candy and an architecture comic strip.

We checked in with KUSHNERstudios about the guerilla marketing campaign, and apparently the machine has been up since January (whoops?) and at first dispensed flash drives with the firm's portfolio. They've also published a Chinese food-style menu with a list of architectural services, passed out in area bodegas. No gumball-inspired commissions yet, but the firm reports its snagged two clients from the menu stunt, a local restauranteur and a building owner who hired KUSHNER to convert a factory into a residential building. (They couldn't confirm specifics, but the pending projects section of the website has a couple of possibilities, like 20 Grand Avenue in Wallabout, Brooklyn.)

And now, two cents from intern-on-the-ground Jeremiah Budlin: "A quick word about the gumball itself. Worst gumball ever! I haven't had a gumball in years, but I definitely didn't remember them being that hard. It hurt my jaw so much to chew it that I had to spit it out before it had even lost its flavor, which, if I remember correctly from my gumball-chewing days, takes about 0.8 seconds." Well, they are architects (and marketers), not candy chefs. Or, apparently, cartoonists.
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