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Updates from +Pool: East River, Water Filtration, Fecal Matter

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Daydreaming about outdoor pools may be out of season, but Curbed obsession +Pool never hibernates. The architect/scientist team behind the four-pools-in-one combo concept that may someday float in the East River just sent an update on what the merry band has been up to with all that Kickstarter money:

"After our campaign ended, we put all of your donations to use by spending a month testing the Primary Filtration at the East River. We looked at 6 different membranes in collaboration from Gunderboom and analyzed them across 16 different parameters with the help of professors and researchers at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. In short, we spent four weeks in our own +Pool Science Lab in a trailer on the shore of the river. We tested for things like turbidity, color, fecal coliforms, suspended solids, etc. We got very good at incubating poop. It'd be a lie to say that filtration is solved, cause it's not. In fact we still have PLENTY of work to do and right now we're starting to put plan out Test#2, which we hope to do in February."

And there you have it: no concrete plans for a 2012 +Pool launch, but architects playing environmental scientist is a better sign than architects playing poker with your donations in Atlantic City.
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