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Carl Fischer Loft Rental Priceupped to $20,000 A Month

It's hasta la vista to Renters Week in the Curbediverse, but New York still has its share of insanely expensive leased units. Take, for example, the one listed in the other Carl Fischer's namesake building at 62 Cooper Square, built in 1850. The 4,500 square foot gem of a loft, once featured in Architectural Digest, last hit the market for $15,000 a month (peanuts!) but is now at even more of a premium, asking $20,000 for December through February. Why the switch? According to the listing, the owner is "in the process of putting in new floors and redesigning the loft" and "it will look better than ever!" This is, if you think about it, a crafty plan to make those floors pay for themselves: $5,000 (per month price increase) x 3 (months of short-term rental) = $15,000. Clever, no?
· Listing: 62 Cooper Square [StreetEasy]
· Listing: 62 Cooper Square [Halstead]