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Welcome to the Dancefloor, Boutique Condos at Nine Saint John

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Brownstoner spotted the first two listings for the four-unit boutique condo building at 5th Avenue and St. John's Place today, both asking $799,000 for just over 1,000 square feet of space. Nine Saint John's four co-op residences are full-floor, with marble bathrooms, oak floors, and bike storage, which is actually on the spare side of the amenities race. It also promises "private outdoor space," which we're assuming is on the roof since one of the floorplans shows no exterior room and the other just has balcony access from the elevator to the front door.

Unit #1 (1,041 square feet):

Unit #2 (1,074 square feet):

According to StreetEasy data, these units are perfectly middle-ground in terms of price and size. What say you: $799,000 worth it?
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