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LPC Bats Down Puck Building Penthouse Addition, Again

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If at first you don't succeed with the prickly preservationists at the Landmarks Preservation Commission, try, try again, especially if you are the tenacious and wealthy Kushner Companies. Today brought the Kushners' revised proposed penthouse addition for the Puck Building to LPC, and today it was yet again rejected. Greenwich Village Society Executive Director Andrew Berman sent the following statement:

“We are gratified that the Landmarks Preservation Commission again did the right thing today by rejecting this proposal which would have irreversibly marred one of New York’s most iconic and beloved landmarks. Landmarks like the Puck Building are what make New Yorkers rightfully love their city; that should not be sacrificed for a wealthy developer’s passing fancy to add an enormous and unnecessarily visible penthouse addition on top.”

LPC, 3. Wealthy developer, 0. Update from the LPC: The commissioners did not outright reject the plan, but asked for further revisions since the two-story addition is still too visible from the street. Commissioner Frederick Bland said "what you see is too aggressive,” not recessive, and Michael Devonshire suggested "Were it to slip behind the parapets, you could expand it in any way it wanted to and would not affect this iconic building in any way."
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