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What Coney Island's Boardwalk Might Look Like Next Summer

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The future of some of Coney Island's boardwalk businesses remains up in the air as several stores and bars renegotiate leases with Coney overlord Central Amusement International. But architects' pencils are already firmly to paper working on plans for next summer's boardwalk, with those stores included. Some renderings were revealed Friday at an AIA panel on the future of Coney Island, and Amusing the Zillion was in the audience with a camera. Above, a rendering for a souvenir shop on the boardwalk, in the same spot as the old Coney Island Souvenir Shop.
What the new Nathan's restaurant on the corner of West 12th and the Boardwalk will look like:

And a possible look for Paul's Daughter, currently in lease negotiations to return to its space:

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