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Live Streaming New Yorker Archicritic's Take on Zoning the City

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As architect Javier Arbona so wryly Tweeted this morning, city planners are busy pontificating at the Zoning the City conference while Rome burns protestors and journalists get arrested at Trinity Church following last night's cleanout of POPS Zuccotti Park. As resident New Yorker archicritic Paul Goldberger mentioned this morning, Mayor Bloomberg was supposed to kick off the wonk-talk but no-showed instead. Thank God New York City's loftiest architecture writer took to live-blogging it in 140-character increments!

Presented in sequence:
· "Kayden at #zoningthecity: zoning is not the same as planning, but zoning too often treated as a plan."
· "Jerold Kayden: "To plan is human, to implement divine" #zoningthecity"
· "Mayor now unlikely to appear at #zoningthecity so Bob Steel dep mayor summing up his paeon to planning as making NYC more competitive, green"
· "Burden #zoningthecity "w vision zoning can do more than regulate size and use--can bring about important goals""
· "Ballon gives good history of '61 NYC zoning law: best point, reminder that attitudes re urb design already changing by then"
· "Garvin praises Elliott, Lindsay planning chair, for making 1961 zoning work by creative amendments, esp incentive zoning"
· "Garvin: transfer of devel rights; theater district bonus; contextual zoning all critical Lindsay era zoning innovations"
· "Garvin gives strong denunciation of how security has effectively removed many plazas from the public to whom they were given"
· "Garvin: we are in midst of a property rights backlash due to excessive and incomprehensible zoning."
· "Garvin: zoning should be redone to start w public realm, street rather than the building lot. A conceptual leap."

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