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An Adult Price for a Kids Fashion Designer's Soho Live/Work

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This four-bedroom, 3,100-square-foot loft at 145 Sixth Avenue has been lingering on the market for six months now, but somehow the tricked out live/work loft has yet to sell. Well, maybe it's not that surprising when the price—$8M—and the odd combination layout is considered. The unit is currently the home of fashion designer Bonnie Young, best known for her children's fashions. For her home, Young dabbled in interior design and industrial material science. According to the listing, she created the "one of a kind combination of pulverized mother of pearl and cement" that now coats the floor. No word on why the designer is decamping, but she could be tiring of holding sample sales in her home office.
· 145th Avenue of the Americas #4AE [Streeteasy]