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Conversion Details on Carlton Helmsley House, Revealed

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Since snapping up the old Helmsley Carlton House in early 2010, developers Extell and and Angelo, Gordon have slowly been releasing details on the planned luxury condo conversion at 680 Madison Avenue. Now, The Cuozz has got further scoop, writing that the restoration will carve out 68 and the newly re-designed retail space will offer about 32,000 square feet. taking up 32,000 square feet. Also! There are plans to build an adjacent five-story, limestone, "upscale" townhouse on the north side of East 61st Street, which will house the Carlton House's new entrance. The LPC has already approved the storefront changes and townhouse construction, as well as a two-story addition to the building’s current 16 and another seven-story structure in an alley facing East 62nd Street.
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The Carlton House

680 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065