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First Sales Close Slightly Below Ask at High Line Neighbor HL23

HL23 is like a car in many ways, but not in one key one: the buyer can't drive it off the lot immediately after purchase. He or she has to wait for a lot of negotiation to be done and pesky paperwork to be signed first. Happily, the first buyers at HL23 have finished going through all that?we just spotted two closed sales! Thanks for providing us with some fresh intel on this building, buyers. So did the Kanye endorsement boost the prices on those units?

Not quite. Each one actually sold for slightly under ask. The most recent unit to sell, the ninth-floor 3BR, 3BA, was asking $5.3 million and sold for $5,093,375. The earlier closing, which we missed a few months back, was for $3,156,575 on a fifth-floor 2BR, 2BA that was asking $3.35 million. Not bad for a sports car!
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