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Touring the Village's New Hospital Building-Gone-Condo

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[All photos by Will Femia. Click to expand!]

The St. Vincent's Hospital building-turned-condo at 130 West 12th Street offered up a few interior shots and floorplans when it officially hit the market last week. It wasn't enough for us. Photographer Will Femia headed over to the building to create the massive photo gallery above. He reports that the sales office phone rang continuously throughout the visit, and at least one tipster has written in with a rave and plans to make an offer on a unit: "The finishes are beautiful, the layouts nice, and the rooms of a good size," the tipster writes. We assume our tipster's mild manner masks great excitement.

So as not to overwhelm the servers that power the Curbediverse, we cut a few photos from the gallery. Among those were some detail shots, including one that showed the reflective material used for the floors in the master bathrooms, making the tile twinkly. Fun! Worth the asking prices, which so far range from $1.415 million to $8.195 million?
Nice as the Rudin family may have made the finishes at their new condo, there is still a vocal contingent unhappy about the fact that the condo exists at all. Some of the folks who would prefer an urgent care medical facility a full-service hospital in the Village have set up shops with protest signage?and a protest dog!?outside the building. See?

And then there's the dog:

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130 West 12th St

130 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011