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Partying at the (Future) Poolside at 34 Greene's Penthouse

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: The re-unveiling of the penthouse at 34 Greene Street, recently handed over to a new broker team.
In the House: The usual mix of brokers, press, and PR folk.
Dress code: Cocktail dresses and broker chic
Menu: Lots of little nibbles that our taste buds aren't refined enough to identify. We liked 'em, though!
Overheard: Variations on "great closets," "wow," and "how much is this, again?" Answer: $13.75 million, buddy.
What We Saw: All 5,000 interior square feet and the 2,200-square-foot terrace. Images of a fraction of the space in the gallery above. It was dark and we are not photographers?please keep both those facts in mind while viewing. Daylight shots are on the listing page.
The Skinny: Frances Katzen, one of the three brokers on the listing, showed us around, explaining some of the modifications a buyer could make to the space. What's currently marked as the "entertainment room" on the penthouse's top floor could become a master suite. The terrace?currently equipped with a kitchen and four outdoor showers?already has all the approvals in place for a pool and hot tub. If whoever buys the place doesn't add both those things, we might have to come in the night and install them ourselves. (And we will be taking a dip.)

Here's the current floorplan:

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34 Greene Street

34 Greene Street, New York, NY