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A Creative Couple Converted LIC Warehouse into Family Home

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When Roberto Mitrotti bought a narrow brick warehouse in Long Island City for $600K back in 2002, the neighborhood was in the midst of a transformation, lead by the construction of the glassy Queens West towers. Now, the Wall Street Journal has paid a visit to Mitrotti's renovated home, a scene of transformation itself. In the intervening nine years, the building has been divided into a garage, film production office, and 2,500-square-foot, three-bedroom family-friendly duplex. The conversion cost $750K, but that doesn't mean the industrial feel is gone. Concrete floors and steel staircases harken back to the past, but will added extras like radiant heat. Mitrotti and his wife, who are moving to Los Angeles, have their creation listed for $2.7M. That's not a bad profit on a $1.35M investment, if they can get it.

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