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Battered Landmark School Back in Community Spotlight

An unnamed community group is hosting a "public assembly" this Friday to brainstorm a better future for the long derelict P.S. 64-turned-CHARAS/El Bohio community center. EV Grieve has noticed a surfeit of flyers posted around Alphabet City exhorting the community to show up at Theatre 80 to advocate for a "democratically run community center." No word as yet on how that would be accomplished since the now-rundown relic, stripped at the hands of owner Gregg Singer once his plan to build a 19-story dorm was denied, was last on the market for $40 million.

Guess they didn't get the (mistaken) Zillow listing marketing the landmarked school as a single-family residence. Pigeon crap aside, some house that would be! Ross, are you listening?
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P.S. 64

350 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10009