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A New Plan for Landmarked 33 Bond Gets a Go from LPC

Jeffrey Kamen Architect and his plan to enlarge one of the smaller gems along Noho's gold coast at 33 Bond Street garnered a big OK this week from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The approved proposal will add two stories and 1,349 square feet at mid-block and is a revision of a prior presentation that LPC didn't go for. Out front the stoop will come down and the entryway will be reconfigured to street level. A mansard roof fronted in glass, less pronounced than in the previous design, will rise up top. Around back, where a cantilevered extension was axed by the commissioners, a much simpler addition will go up, recessed one foot from the current facade. Inside will be a double-height live-work space sporting a cozy sleeping loft with views of manicured luxury in bottle green glass across Bond Street.
The spacious additions will overlook an extended rear courtyard, topped with skylights to illuminate the enlarged second floor studio. The two new floors will be 20 feet higher than the existing rooftop, and they'll snuggle up to the beefy ramparts of 25 Bond next door, the pricey expanse where Will Smith slept as a Man in Black. Originally a commercial building that went up in 1890, 33 Bond is the latest upgrade on a block where bluestone-fronted floor-thrus at 41 Bond are selling like hotcakes and a savvy Belgian recently nabbed a pricey penthouse in cast iron.
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54 Bond Street

54 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012

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25 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012