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After 75 Years, Jane Street Acolytes Finally Selling Their House

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The same family has owned 77 Jane Street, a 21-foot brick townhouse between Greenwich and Washington, since 1936. That's 75 years of tenancy on what is now one of the West Village's most desirable streets. One of the owners, a pioneering eye doc, passed away in '09 and his wife, a noted psychotherapist, has decided to sell. The house is divided into an owner's duplex and two market rate apartments, with a flagstone-lined rear garden and plenty of 19th-century details. Will all the late-night ruckus spilling out of the Jane Hotel at the end of the street have an impact on the sale or will some hard partier pick this up for a full reno? If the latter, they'd better be the "work hard, play hard" type, because this place is listed for $7.6M.

· 77 Jane Street [Streeteasy]