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Haring-Bedecked Brooklyn Duplex Attempts $600K Flip

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This waterfront condo duplex in the Columbia Waterfront District of Brooklyn was last sold in August for $700,000, and now it's back on the market for a staggering 86% more, asking $1,299,000. (Something to keep in mind when assessing this week's PriceSpotter, ahem.) Pros: It has a humongous basement rec room, a roomy patio, and a separate office. Con: It has only one bedroom. Pro or con, depending on how you feel about expressive '80s street art: The entire thing is decorated in an homage to artist Keith Haring. Patio murals, fridge decals, wall paintings, all squeezed in between otherwise sleek, contemporary furniture and finishing. (Also: a padded wall! This thing is really flipping out.)

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