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Here Now, A Look at the New Glassy Base of 1WTC

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Earlier this week, the Port Authority approved a new glass base for 1 World Trade Center after the proposed 185-foot-tall prismatic glass designed by SOM was found to be the opposite of shatter-proof. The new, $37.2 million design (less than half the price of the original, and which won't interfere with the 2013 completion date of the tower) makes its pleated debut today at the Observer, which got a peek at the renderings and fabrication. The "shimmering, luminous, reflective, dynamic" curtain wall with plain old corners will look a little something like this:

"Now, the standardized panes will be affixed to a metal screen not unlike the one at 7 WTC. Starting with flush panels at the edges of the bases four sides, the panels will begin to open up in a V-pattern as they move toward the center of the plane, creating a pleated effect. From flat surfaces at the corners, the panes will open to as much as 60 degrees at the middle of the space."

1WTC project director Kenneth Lewis tells the paper that the new facade will be "more reflective than refractive," mirroring its surroundings while glowing from within with LEDs rather than the initial florescent lighting.
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