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Ear Inn Re-Beamed; Juliet Closed; Le Baron May Soon Arrive

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1.) West Soho: The historic Ear Inn has been closed for a few days, but not to worry: it's just a bit of structural renovation. The owners had to install $100,000 worth of wood beams alongside the building's 200-year-old originals.

2.) Chinatown: Long-in-the-works nightclub Le Baron makes some honest-to-God progress at 32 Mulberry Street, to the tune of a new entrance and facade.

3.) Chelsea: Trouble magnet Juliet Supper Club remains closed following a shoot-out at the club that killed one and wounded another. The SLA is investigating and could shut it down for good.

4.) Moving target: The Village Voice is suing Time Out New York for using the not-ubiquitous-at-all phrase "Best of NYC" on its cover. Amazeballs.
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