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404 Park Avenue South Will Become 65 Luxury Condos

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A tipster writes in with a rumor about 404 Park Avenue South: "i heard existing building at above referenced address is being renovated into 65 condo units with an interiors package designed by dutch designer piet boon." Way to get our attention on a Friday afternoon, tipster! We had a look around for some more information, and the rumor appears to be true. According to the Piet Boon website, the firm is indeed designing 65 luxury apartments at 404 Park Avenue South, and there was a permit approved in March for the reconfiguration of floors 2 through 16 into apartments. The architect of record is Zaskorski & Notaro, and their site has a few more details.
A hint at the modifications to the building (currently commercial lofts):

Modifications include extensive façade revisions and reconstruction to create new loggias, balconies and projecting box windows as well as rooftop penthouse and rear court amenity space additions. The Zaskorski & Notaro listing for the project names Corcoran Sunshine Group as the marketing consultant, but no word yet on pricing (or, for that matter, marketing). Anyone know more? The tipline is open.
· Zaskorski & Notaro: 404 Park Avenue South []
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