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Cramped Noho One-Bed Opens Up to Tiki Torch-Lit Roof Deck

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Paying $599K for a 420-square-foot one-bedroom, even in a rare doorman building in Noho, sounds like a tall order, but this Frankenstein of a Junior 1BR at 77 Bleecker Street impresses with its private roof deck, large enough to function as a second living room on mild summer days. Way up on the 11th floor, there's an awkward flight of stairs to reach the tiled patio and thanks to high walls and fencing, not much of a view. But for this price, it's hard to complain about a spacious outdoor space. Let's see if a recent $26K price cut is enough to move this thing after almost 100 days on the market.
· 77 Bleecker Street [Halstead]