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Tired of Seeking Renter, Tribeca Loft Looks for a Buyer Instead

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Since June 2010, this sprawling, 3,428-square-foot loft at 408 Greenwich Street has been hunting for a willing renter, with a proposed rent of $24K per month. That's certainly not chump change, even given the space, but it's made all the more outlandish by the fact that there're just two bedrooms—though one of them is enormous. Given the limited sleeping space, there's plenty of room left over for entertaining, and boy is this place equipped! There's a center "chef's table"-type island, space for 700 bottles of wine, a 55-foot great room, and ten expansive arched windows. The interior design is certainly eclectic, but hopefully when someone's spending $7.6M on an apartment, they've set aside some cash to make it just right.

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