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Tenant Sues Now To Keep Himself From Being Sued Later

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Upper East Sider James Whelan pays less than $1,500/month for his rent-stabilized 1BR, a situation his landlord would prefer to end. That landlord, an LLC, says it needs the apartment "for a relative of one of the principals," according to the Times, and would like Whelan to vacate. This could all end in a courtroom, which means Whelan's name could make its way to the state's list of all tenants who have been sued for eviction. The state sells the list to private companies, who sell it to landlords, without updates on whether the tenants have won or lost their cases. Hey, this story is really putting us in the mood for Renters Week!

Whelan's strategy: filing a lawsuit to have his name kept off the state's eviction cases list. A state supreme court justice has already temporarily blocked the inclusion of Whelan's name on the list, with a court date to follow in the next few weeks. The result could be the modification of the tenant information that's included on the list?or, Whelan's lawyer hopes, maybe the end of the list altogether.
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