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Mega-Million Dollar UES Triplex Gets Twin Listing

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The most striking thing about the Upper East Side triplex at 20 East 65th Street we profiled last month may have been its handy interior decor, but now we've got a fresh listing for its companion unit, another triplex on the first three floors of its landmarked, limestone building from 1880. The two units were sold one month apart in 2006 for $10,182,500 each, though the two owners don't seem to have anything in common besides a knack for simultaneous buying and selling. Unit A is asking slightly less than the top-floor unit B at $17,500,000 and is listed as a 4-bedroom, though the second bedroom has only a half-bath and the fourth is crammed into the basement next to the media room. The security room and "warming kitchen" (not to be confused with the actual kitchen one floor below) totally make up for it, though.

So: which unit do you prefer? And what are the odds someone will buy both triplexes and take this landmarked pile of mansion back to its roots as a single-family?
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