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Oppenheim Wins Super-Secret, Supertall 'Burg Hotel Bid

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[Courtesy Oppenheim; via The Architect's Newspaper.]

Miami-based architecture firm Oppenheim A+D is known for super-sleek, often left-in-the-conceptual-realm megaprojects like a green resort in the Jordanian desert and a rapper-backed youth center in Virginia Beach. Now, some of that Miami glitz might just make its way to Brooklyn's "gritty" waterfront, as principal Chad Oppenheim informs The Architect's Newspaper that his firm has won a competition to design a hotel at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge, right next to the Williamsburgh Savings Bank. While he can say the proposed structure called Williamsburghotel (one word, if you please) measures 86,000 square feet and takes up 440' of airspace resting on three 16-foot deep vertical slabs, what he cannot say is who or what the project is for. Top secret confidential development team, apparently! We'll be keeping a close eye on this one; in the meantime, if you've got tips you know what to do.
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