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An Attractive, Modern Renovation of a Red Hook Carriage House

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Is it just us, or has Red Hook kind of been on a roll lately? Dare we say bullish even, when it comes to the townhouse market. First, the New York Times' national editor (then Food editor) Sam Sifton sold his sedate Visitation Place home for $1.25 million. This, just followed by the blockbuster sale of 138 Coffey Street for over $1.5M. Given these kind of numbers, you'll forgive us for not scoffing at the asking price of $1,690,000 for the new to market carriage house at 17 Dikeman Street in the Hook. We're really digging the renovation, and the outdoor spaces are pretty attractive as well. We keep having a nagging sense that this place isn't too huge though. The square footage isn't listed, but it looks just shy of 2,000 square feet to us. Achievable? Not for us to say yet, but a little unlikely to sell very close to ask. But just how much less, we will see.

· 17 Dikeman Street [Corcoran]