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The Addison Gets Parking in Order; Standard Ice Skating Rink

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—From the mailbag: "Curbed, you'll be happy to know there's been a peaceful resolution in the ongoing saga over The Addison's long-promised and long-unopened underground parking garage: It opened yesterday. Quik Park is operating it, and DoBro's latest luxury renters (or people commuting to the welfare office next door) are free to pay $275 a month to park there. A bit more expensive than the other lots on the block, but at least this one is sheltered from the elements. Revolution averted. Another victory for the 46%! ...of NYC households that own a car." [CurbedWire Inbox]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT—The Standard's quaint-yet-flashy ice skating rink opens for the winter today. It measures 3,000 square foot of ice (regulation size is almost 17,000 square feet) but hey! We're talking novelty. You can purchase admission ($12) and skates ($3) from the Skatehaus, as well as snacks and hot drinks.

CHELSEA—Responding to a query about the commercial space above Dallas BBQ we sent out to the Curbediverse last week, we now know that the new tenant is North Shore LIJ and Lennox Hill Hospital. A tipster responds in archispeak: "They have put together a new design for the space. While they wont be doing a teardown, they will be putting on a brand new face. The new face will follow the swooping face style made popular by the Milstein Heart Hospital at New York Presbyterian, combined with the grated metal faux front popularized by parking garages and buildings at Brooklyn Navy Yard." [CurbedWire Inbox]