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Here Now, A Left Field Proposal for an L Train Extension

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A tipster sent us a link to a new-to-us Tumblr critiquing design decisions large and small in New York City, and we're quite taken with one idea in particular: extending the L train line. Construction feasibility and MTA budget aside (right), this is kind of genius. The 7 train is getting extended to Javits Center, and if it had a connection point instead of a terminus, Hudson Yards wouldn't be quite so off-the-grid. (Not to mention the match-made-in-hell conduit between MePa and Williamsburg.) The blog claims that "some of the tunneling is already done with the tracks extending past the new station. Lettered subway cars are wider so they can’t co-mingle with the narrow numbered lines requiring separated terminals." Anyone care to weigh in? Or have $2 billion sitting around, earmarked for more efficient subway egress?
· MTA: All Transit, No Money [NY by dZine]