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$2.3M for the 2BR Loft in a Converted Village Church

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The second-floor two-bedroom unit in reformed hippie church the Novare is back on the market after a year of pricecuts, now asking $2,300,00 for the pleasure of living in an architectural curiosity where Jude Law once threw citrus at NYU students. (Haven't we all.) Last time we checked in, #2EAST was on the rental market, requesting $12,000 a month. Public records indicate the unit is still owned by French lingerie model Noemie Lenoir, which is rather awesome for a de-sanctified house o' worship. The circa-1860 building's interiors were retrofitted by FLANK to include marble countertops, wenge wood cabinets, wine cooler, and fancy appliances; the architects retained the 50'-tall entry atrium, which stretches up the central core of the reconfigured lofts.

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