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Bidding War for SATC Brownstone at 64 Perry Ends in $9M Sale

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The facade that launched a thousand Magnolia cupcake runs has sold, along with its 10 rooms and 4,104 square feet, for $9 million after only 27 days on the market. The initial ask for the 1866 brownstone designed by Robert Mook and later inhabited by two of the West Village's most fabulous (plus a Tim Gunn!) was $8,500,000 and Corcoran broker Robert Browne speaks to the "strong demand" for the property. Legend has it that the exterior of 64 Perry inspired the creators of one Ms. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, though the series eventually featured its neighbor, #66, on the HBO television juggernaut. From stiletto mules to ponies: the new owner is hidden behind an LLC based in Saratoga Springs.
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64 Perry Street

64 Perry Street, New York, NY