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William Beaver's Credit Card Fees; Philip Johnson on Stage

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We're closing up shop early for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, Curbediverse! We'll be back Monday.

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Part of FiDi's gold-flecked Wiliam Beaver House?209 of 320 units, to be exact?went rental earlier this year. At last check in late October, 75 percent of the rental units had found renters at around $57/square foot. Perhaps budget in a little extra, tenants: a tipster tells us residents are now being charged $300/month to charge their rent by credit card. Anyone know more? [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?The not-very-surprisingly-named Glass House, a new play in which Philip Johnson makes a special appearance from the afterlife, will have a staged reading at the Center for Architecture on Friday, December 2. What to expect aside from that ghostly Johnson: "Anthony is an architect who idolizes mid-century modern design. When he and his wife, Abby, move into a glass house in the suburbs, Anthony's obsession with order surfaces as his persona begins to shatter. The play features giants of design who comment on how style, substance and organization affect our daily lives." [CurbedWire Inbox]

William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005