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10 For-Sale Listings on the Thanksgiving Day Parade Route

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and along with all the food/family/travel-related traditions comes a tradition that's much less stressful: the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Above, a piece of the route the parade is taking this year. We scoured the active listings and found ten that are right on that route. So, if you manage to buy one and move into it today, you can watch the big scary cartoon floats go right by your own window! Or there's always next year. The listings are ranked by price from lowest to highest (we chose the least expensive listing in each building).

10) 100 West 39th Street #35D
Price: $635,000
The Skinny: This Bryant Park Tower condo just barely made the list, but the fact that it's a corner apartment means that it looks out over Sixth Avenue, where the last leg of the parade takes place. It also means it's got a great view of Bryant Park, which is not something that every unit in the tower can boast (although that probably doesn't stop the brokers).

9) 2 West 67th Street #2G
Price: $724,995
The Skinny: This alcove studio apartment is down 12 percent from its original asking price of $825,000. It's the first of many on this list bordering Central Park.

8) 1 Central Park West #316
Price: $835,000
The Skinny: The buyer of this condo in the Trump International will be allowed to live in it for up to half the year. For the other half, it will be managed as a hotel suite, making it the perfect "pied-a-terre" which is French for "you have way too much money."

7) 65 Central Park West #15F
Price: $845,000
The Skinny: The last of the six-digit listings, this unit features a very large living room, and a new kitchen and bath.

6) 75 Central Park West #7D
Price: $2,995,000
The Skinny: This 2BR, 2BA unit has been on the market since April, 2009, but it still hasn't taken much of a price reduction. Apparently $3 million is a little too expensive for prospective buyers, though, even if it does have a wood-burning fireplace.

5) 50 Central Park West #2A
Price: $3,250,000
The Skinny: This 3BR, 2.5BA unit was listed for $5.5 million in February of '08. This past February, the sellers realized the error in their ways and priced it down to $3,750,000, and it's since taken another cut to its current price.

4) 28 Columbus Circle #58F
Price: $4,000,000
The Skinny: Here, the parade takes a loop around Columbus Circle, past Time Warner Center, where this 2BR, 2BA condo has been on the market for almost exactly two years without taking a price cut. Is there a sadface balloon in the parade?

3) 80 Columbus Circle #65E
Price: $6,500,000
The Skinny: This 2BR, 2BA in the Residences in the Mandarin Oriental is asking for $6.5 million, which is how much it would cost to stay in one of the hotel's $2,000/night suites for nine years. So if you think about it, buying would really save you a lot of money, depending on how much longer you're planning on being alive.

2) 15 Central Park West #2D
Price: $6,850,000
The Skinny: This 2BR, 2BA condo has been on the market since late 2010 and is down 19 percent from its high asking point of $8.5 million. A bargain?and the opportunity to annex a public street one day per year. That day happens to be tomorrow!

1) 15 Central Park West #PH20
Price: $88,000,000
The Skinny: Okay, we broke our own rule, but we had to include this $88 million penthouse in 15 Central Park West. $88 million! If you had $88 million you could buy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and have every float be a giant blow-up of your own head and have the parade every single day. That's probably what we would do.
?Jeremiah Budin
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