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Dual West Village Townhouses Ask for Angular Combo

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Check out 277-279 West 12th Street, which just arrived on the market touting itself as partially connected townhouse combo. The 40 foot wide property is asking $11,500,000 for its 6,339 square feet of glory. Now, you may be thinking to yourself that a 40 foot wide townhouse should probably have some more square footage going, but it's only built 31 feet deep. Makes for an unusual layout which we will leave to the listing to explain, the "current configuration includes a 4,148 sq. ft. completely renovated single-family home which occupies the entire house at 277 W. 12th St., as well as the two upper floors of the house at 279 W. 12th St., and 4 additional income-producing units – three full floor one bedroom units and one studio apartment with a small patio." Got that?

· Listing: 277-279 West 12th Street [Town]