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Here Now, Delancey's Abandoned Trolley Station on Video

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We've been dying to glimpse the interior of the old Delancey trolley tunnel ever since the Low Line started blasting its underground park renderings across the blogosphere. Whether inventive or unviable, it's certainly a long way off, though the MTA is actively considering a few ideas for the property. (Background: The Essex Street Station opened in 1903 at the same time as the Williamsburg Bridge and was used until 1948 when trolleys stopped operating in the city; the 60,000-square-foot space has been abandoned ever since.) Peter Hine from the real estate department of the MTA narrates the video tour above, taking us from the platform of the J/M/Z into the "ghostly" space below.

And in case you can't get enough of old things in subway tunnels, the nostalgia trains are back! They'll be running on the M line between 2nd Avenue and Queens Plaza from tomorrow through Christmas Eve.
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