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Minnesota Vikings Owner Gets Deep Discount at 778 Park

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Did the sale of Brooke Astor's apartment at 778 Park Avenue spark other action in the building? Joining Astor's place in the "recently sold" column is 778 Park's 18th floor, which just traded hands for an even $19 million in a deal that hit public record this morning. The buyers are Zygmunt and Audrey Wilf, and unless there are multiple rich folks named Zygmunt Wilf floating around this city, Zygi is the owner of the Minnesota Vikings (and part of the family that funded NYU's Wilf Hall).
The $19 million the Wilfs paid for the 4BR, 4.5BA co-op isn't too far below the most recent ask of $19.5 million?but the apartment has been on the market since December 2009 and has been PriceChopped several times from an initial high of $24.5 million.

Here's the floorplan. Cute terraces, no?

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778 Park Avenue

778 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021