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Happy Monday! Your Favorite Architects Are Building in the 'Burg

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Hardhats abound in Williamsburg as construction is well underway on two long-stalled projects: Hot Karl Fischer's magnum opus, 95 Bedford Avenue, weighing in at a monstrous eight stories, 262 units, and world's greatest architect Philip Toscano's 50 North 1st St (seven stories, 41 units). While there have been numerous safety issues at both sites, each huge ugly building is currently going ahead as planned.
50 North 1st St:

95 Bedford Ave:

It seems like some sort of poetic justice that Toscano's huge ugly building is overshadowed here by Hot Karl's 400% huger huge ugly building after Toscano infringed on Karl's huge ugly row last December.
?Jeremiah Budin
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95 Bedford Avenue

95 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY