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Cyber Monday Brings Pricechops to Brewster Carriage House

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Following the optimistic debut of pricing for Brewster Carriage House, we've got two fresh pricechops on the smallest units listed in the building, down $300,000 each. The condo conversion of a 19th-century carriage factory in Nolita has made all the right moves (model-populated broker preview, Winka Dubbeldam affiliation, wide plank floorboards), minus that pesky pricing situation. $3 million for a one-bedroom? Seriously. (Note: StreetEasy has both #4N and #2N listed as two-bedrooms for $2,750,000 and $2,550,000 respectively; we've seen the former and it has only one, which the floorplan confirms. Oops!) The main difference between the two? #4N is, well, two floors higher and has French doors that open to mini-balconies, versus #2N's static windows and closer proximity to Mott Street.
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The Brewster Carriage House

374 Broome Street, New York, NY