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Here Now, An Update on Everything To Do With Hudson Yards

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As anyone who's been obsessively following the developments at Hudson Yards has probably concluded, the city's failed bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics hasn't turned out to be such a bad thing. Where the Olympic stadium would have been, we've instead gotten residential towers, hotels, and plans for a number of office buildings?and some of the improvements originally intended for Olympics-attending crowds are being made anyway. Today's Times has a handy primer on what's happening on the far west side, thanks in part to the failed Olympic bid, and just when we can expect it all to be finished. Here now, a few fun factoids:

1) A tree-lined boulevard between 10th and 11th avenues, originally planned for the Olympics, will be built early next year. And the 7 train extension is set to be done in December 2013.
2) Construction is also imminent at Avalon Bay's 700-unit rental complex at 11th Avenue and 29th Street, Related's 400-unit rental across from the future Coach building, and the Gotham Organization's megacomplex on the block between 44th and 45th streets and 10th and 11th avenues. That complex will have, at latest count, 1,232 apartments.

3) Within 20 years, Hudson Yards could have the same number of apartments as all of Stamford, Connecticut, and more office space than Boston or Portland. So who's lining up to rent?
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